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Case Study: Digital Realty drives APAC Hyper-Scale and Multi Cloud campaign

December 20, 2018
BY: Chak Ng


Digital Realty has nearly 200 data centres totalling 32 million square-feet located in top tier global metros across the U.S., Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Digital Realty's ability to service global cloud, software and media giants in multiple markets around the world is a competitive advantage. The ability to carry $236.5 million worth of undeveloped land on the balance sheet for many years is a function of Digital Realty’s scale and investment-grade rating. This land deal ensures room for hyperscale customers like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Apple and others, to continue to grow with Digital in Data Centre Alley for the next decade. 

Source- Forbes

 APAC Campaign requirements 

Digital Realty engaged Alchemise Consulting to run a targeted campaign over four months across Australia and Singapore as part of their new SYD11 Data Centre launch event in Sydney and to identify new hyper-scale and multi-cloud interconnection opportunities for Singapore and Australia.  This was an APAC regional focus initiative driven from the APAC Marketing Director.

We demonstrated our technology vendor client campaign experience in APAC and data centre knowledge. Our aligned approach to the requirements enabled us to increase the value of the marketing campaign lead nurture and lead generation conversation for both brand awareness and demand generation and event needs. 

Campaign preparation

Our campaign engagement was for four months, including one month of preparation with the digital assets and content journey mapping and landing page layouts. Our Alchemise sales development process was applied.

In partnership with the Digital Realty APAC marketing team, we compiled the three key target audience profiles of CFO, CIO and CEO level for content mapping using a lead nurturing and inbound approach, via the Digital Centre 2020 resource centre, of which Digital Realty are one of the founding sponsors with their other strategic alliance partnerships across the APAC region.


Campaign Data Sets – We helped profile relevant targeted data sets across Singapore & Australia at CxO level, inclusive of key stakeholders and other influencers.

It was evident from the outset that a lead nurture approach with an account based marketing (ABM) approach was needed for a challenging long sales cycle engagement. It was important to drive some inbound engagement from our inside sales team with relevant, engaging and customer centric content pieces suited for each buyer persona.

Some contextual preparation in acknowledging the local differences between Asia and Australian market customisations for the Digital Realty offering was needed. This including a site visit to visualise the data centre facilities and also speaking to some of the site operations and sales team.

Partway through the campaign there were changes in the direction of our engagement, with the team primarily prioritising focus to a large press release event for the Erskine Park Data Centre (Sydney) and a  launch post event overlooking Sydney Harbour for guests. We assisted in the profiling and invitation of selected guests to the launch event, which was completed across a six week process.

Digital-Realty-Sydney-Launch Event

Campaign timeframe 

We started in Month 1 with a detailed preparation of about 2,000 contacts from a variety of contact sources compiled, researched and profiled in line with a typical buyer’s journey contact of Awareness, Consideration and Decision stage content and using an ABM light strategy.  The localisation of the content for Singapore and Australia included videos, case studies and Forrester White Papers about Hyper-scale Data Centres, Multi Cloud connectivity and also Alliance partnership offerings such as Service Exchange with IBM.

Inbound-MethodologySource: Hubspot- Inbound Methodology

Initially we started with Singapore and found it somewhat challenging to get across but found opportunities in other ASEAN countries also

Throughout Months 2 and 3, our focus was on ensuring relevant contacts at qualified companies were invited to the launch event in which we achieved about a 40% attendance rate. 

We were able to contribute around 30 new registered invitees to the 45 already known to Digital Realty attending including wholesale partners, vendors and cloud service integrators/providers.

During Month 4, we deepened our lead nurture program with more market data-driven insights, competitive positioning and identified some sales drivers with digital transformation and cloud positioned projects looking ahead to 2019.

Campaign outcomes and takeaways

  • We help achieve approximately a 40% attendee rate for the Sydney Data Centre Launch Post Event with new attendees from Enterprise Financial Services and Insurance prospective clients and partners to compliment the existing launch event guests.
  • We confirmed relevant APAC market data , insights and prospective opportunity for hyper-scale data centres and multi-cloud and associated partnership opportunities.
  • We identified depth of market data and segments of opportunity to assist with Digital Realty’s strategic planning and APAC market focus.
  • The lead nurture process created good market research  for both marketing and sales insights with localised presence and specific timelines for prospective clients. This mature method offsets any of the lower cost off shore call centre lead generation services which may not align to the industry depth of knowledge for Enterprise Data Centre sales experience suited for the Singapore and Australian markets.
  • Our relationship developed with the Digital Realty marketing team in APAC allows further assistance to drive more strategic marketing value and insights for future planning and execution.


    Digital Realty SY11 DC 

Why partner with Alchemise Consulting for your next technology campaign?


Despite the challenge of some re-priortised requirements, we still delivered to Digital Realty’s expectation, with our team’s focus and flexibility and understanding of the priorities and needs throughout the different stages of our campaign delivery.

The value from our APAC ICT sector experience and technology domain knowledge of the market helped position the confidence and network of suitable prospects for this need within the Enterprise market focus.  

One of the benefits of our local Australian time zone provides broader access to key stakeholders during business hours which was recognised as part of the additional value we provided Digital Realty.

Alchemise-Consulting-Testimonial-Digital Realty

"It has been a real pleasure to work with the Alchemise team for this APAC campaign!  While the campaign had to change quite a bit from our original starting point – you always managed to stay focused and deliver, especially for our Opening Event activities. Looking forward to working with you again in the future! "

Omer Wilson – Regional APAC Marketing Director –  Digital Realty

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