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Reflections on global business: Diversity, leadership and experience

September 20, 2018
BY: Leah Combes

Following his six week internship with Alchemise Consulting in Melbourne earlier this year, Philip Karlsson shared his thoughts on the global business world including the influence of diversity, global leadership and international experience: 

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A Digital Marketer's user experience using marketing automation

September 09, 2018
BY: Leah Combes

How can I be more productive and efficient in my day to day activities as a digital marketer?

A recent conversation sparked me to think about my own use of our marketing automation tool, HubSpot, specifically about the time it saves me, or the time and hassle I would have to revert back to without it!

Our content strategy is a big part of my role, and this has been simplified by using the inbound marketing principles and marketing automation over the last 12-18 months. Publishing blog articles and series is my most common use, so I’ll start there…

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 Facebook News Feed Has Changed - What Does This Mean For Your Content Marketing?

February 08, 2018
BY: Leah Combes

In January, Facebook announced big changes to the way their News Feed operates. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to enable users to have “more meaningful social interactions”, by creating significant changes to their algorithms affecting which content Facebook users are presented with. The impact is already being felt, almost a month in, with users spending less time – on average two minutes less per person – on Facebook. Before exploring the affects this may have on your business page and content marketing, I’ll recap the changes for you...

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