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Digital strategy and user experience study for IT security consultancy

May 09, 2017
BY: Leah Clements


Alchemise Consulting was engaged by a leading Australian independent cyber security consulting business to run a specific marketing campaign. Our objective was to generate new leads within the Enterprise and Government market and position the client’s deep IT security consulting services for more sales opportunities.

Business Problem

As a start to the marketing campaign preparation, the messaging and collateral required review and updating to ensure there was follow up capability and quality digital strategy and content. The client’s static website hadn’t been updated for some time and wasn’t presenting their brand and offerings clearly.

The client had limited sales and marketing resources and expertise to grow the business with a structured go to market approach. Typically, existing business had stemmed from referrals and the vendor, however little new business development had been undertaken or invested in beyond this.

A strong part of this digital world and presence is a strongly presented website that resonates to the targeted audience of a professional and credible level. Brand awareness is key with establishing new contacts and first impressions counted.

In order to run a successful marketing campaign and “go live”, we needed to ensure that the preparation material was complete. 

Our solution

Alchemise understood what was missing from the marketing campaign preparation. The brand awareness starts with the messaging and online presence and the best practices of the current digital design for web and content marketing.

Our recommendations

Our digital customer experience consultant spent time reviewing the web presence around the formatting and editing of the current web content to reflect the desired purpose of the business services on offer and awareness to attract the right audience. The online web resources needed to be updated with current material and relevance to the market and vendor partnerships in place.

Brand recognition to shift from a previous awareness is important not only to existing clients but to attract and position with the correct messaging to new prospects.

This needed to be addressed even though the lead generation marketing preparation was delayed but essential in highlighting from a user audience perspective the client’s web site experience format, content and branding through to navigation on the links and references presented.

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After a comprehensive website and user experience review, we made a number of recommendations in order to ensure the website and digital resources were fit for purpose prior to campaign kickoff.

The primary focus was on text content and style in order to optimize readability for website visitors. We submitted revised text copy utilizing a more consistent use of language and style and an increased focus on the challenges faced by clients to better project capabilities to prospects.

Navigation and page layouts were restructured for a clearer presentation of the client’s capabilities and expertise, and images and visuals were used strategically, not just for the sake of adding to the page.

To further improve user experience we ensured that hyperlinks and click-through features were created and used purposefully for a more seamless site exploration by users. We also ensured that all of the client’s downloadable resources had their correct contact details, after the review highlighted that nearly three-quarters of resources listed outdated information.

Each aspect of this review and recommendation process was essential to create a web and digital presence that accurately reflected the client’s brand, offerings and positioning in the market.

Digital presence and marketing is becoming increasingly important and in a crowded marketplace, there is little allowance made for a poor and/or misguiding first impression when a prospect visits a website. The recommendations and changes that Alchemise Consulting offered were key to improving the impact and success of our client’s direct marketing campaign, and were the gateway to our client becoming fully digitally optimized.

If you are exploring digital web improvement or lead generation campaign, contact Alchemise Consulting for an obligation-free discussion. 



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